New Years Resolution…Buy Cheap Stuff!

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Make this the year you save more and spend less!

If the past two years have taught us anything, it is that we all need to have an emergency fund.  The Recession hit many Americans hard.  Prior to the Recession, many of us lived from paycheck to paycheck.  Notorious for spending beyond our means, Americans borrowed too much, and as a result the economy took a turn for the worse. 

As our economy slowly pulls itself out of deep financial debt, we can do our part by saving a little here and there.  Loans are still hard to come by, so keep yourself out of debt by making smart purchases and taking the time to monitor expenses. is here to do our part by providing you with the most competitive prices on the products and services you need.  Check daily to find the lowest prices on everything from electronics to clothing.

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Let’s speed up the recovery process by helping each other save!  Make it your resolution of 2010 to use and save.

CheapStuff New Year’s Resolutions that will save you money!

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It’s 2010 and the economy still isn’t where we’d like it to be.  This year, let help you make resolutions that will help you save.

1) Quit Smoking

Did you know that a pack a day habit can cost between $1,825 and $3,650 per year?  That’s a lot of money for a bad habit.  When you’re a smoker the money doesn’t just stop at cigarettes.  Smokers spend thousands of dollars a year on services like dry cleaning, teeth whitening, and Botox, to erase some of the negative effects smoking has on their appearance.  You can also save on insurance premiums when you stop smoking.  Smokers pay 15-25% more on health insurance and about 50% more on life insurance.  Save yourself thousands and make this the year you drop a bad habit.

2) Exercise More

Losing weight is usually a popular New Year’s Resolution, but most don’t consider it as a way to save money.  The truth is, if you eat right and exercise regularly, you won’t only have a happier life but you can also save money.  You can decrease the amount you spend on prescription medication by about 70% and cut medical costs by 30%.  Exercise helps reduce the risk of illness and improves conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol.  You don’t need to buy a gym membership, but you can start hiking, going for long brisk walks, or run at the beach. 

3) Eat Better

Once again, many Americans make the resolution to eat better and lose weight every January.  Eating better will not only keep the scale from tipping in the wrong direction, but it can also help you keep your bank account steady.  Most people believe that healthy foods cost more.  Markets like Whole Foods have a reputation for charging more for groceries, giving health food a bad rap.  You can shop for healthy ingredients at your local market and spend the same if not less each trip.  The big savings comes from meals made at home instead of eating out.  Fast food has a reputation for being cheap, but if you add up what you spend each month, it’s actually quite expensive.  Eating out not only means that you are consuming more calories, you’re also spending a lot more for food.  You’re actually paying to gain weight.  Start preparing food at home and you’ll see a difference in your waist line and bank account.

4) Start paying off debt

By simply paying $20 more a month to pay off debts you can save yourself years of payments.  You will also improve your credit score, which means that next time you need to borrow money it will cost you less!

5) Start Saving

Make it a resolution this year to spend your money less frivolously.  Create a spreadsheet of your expenses and budget your money better.  The more you save the less you’ll owe.