Save by dining where kids eat free!

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Most of us remember how down the economy was a year ago.  With layoffs rampant, many families lacked the funds to dine out.  In order to keep from filing Chapter 11, many restaurant chains began offering a variety of incentives.  These included discounts, special offers, and promotions.  One tactic used by popular chain restaurants was offering free meals to kids.  As long as parents order two entrees, their children could eat for free. 

Now that the economy is on the rise again, most restaurants have stopped offering free meals for children, but there are still a few places where families can save.  Here is a list of places where your child can still eat for free:


Visit your local Chevys on a Tuesday, and order one adult entrée to get a free entrée for your child.  This offer is only valid when you dine at the restaurant, no ordering to-go.


You can dine any night at Denny’s between 4pm and 10pm to take advantage of this offer.  Children must be under the age of 10, and the offer is good for up to two children.  The great thing about Denny’s is that only one adult needs to make a purchase of $2.50 or more.  This offer is great for single parents with two children.  If you are a single parent, or your spouse has to work late, you can take both your kids out and have them eat for free.  Plus, you don’t even have to order an entrée, spend $2.50 and get two free children’s meals, now that’s a great offer!

Marie Callender’s

On Tuesdays and Saturdays, buy one adult entrée and get one free kid’s meal.

Stay Cool This Summer in These Hot Trends

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Dressing trendy can be budget friendly, you just have to know where the deals are.  That’s where CheapStuff comes in.  Here are budget friendly ways to look chic this summer:

1) White Denim Jacket

White Denim is all the rage this summer.  White is a traditional summer color.  A white denim jacket can be used to create a variety of different looks, plus it goes with everything.  You can wear it with a tank and jeans, put it over a cute spaghetti strip and skirt combo, or wear it over a summer dress.  American Eagle is selling a cute cropped white denim jacket for $49.50.

2) Tunics

Tunics are great in the heat.  You can wear a great printed tunic many ways.  Put it over a pair of pants for a formal look, or wear it over a bathing suit by the pool.  Echo sells a beautiful printed tunic for $58.  You can also find affordable tunics at Forever 21.

3) Scarves

These summer scarves are a light way to accessorize.  When the sun starts to go down, and the cool night breeze kicks in, wrap these light printed scarves around your neck for just the right amount of warmth.  Bodega sells beautiful scarves for only $10.

4) Bright Pants

Summer is the time to be brilliant.  Wearing bright colors is the best way to shine.  Esprit sells skinny pants in bright colors at only $50 a pair.