Hidden Gems: Where to Find Watches and Jewelry That You Can Afford

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Whether you’re looking for everyday-wear jewelry or some bling for special occasions such as weddings, exclusive events, or romantic dates (hey, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner), it pays to know where to shop. A lot of jewelry retailers have outrageously high prices that can leave people with the feeling that they can’t get a decent rock for a good price. However, great deals on jewelry and watches are just around the corner (sometimes literally). You don’t have to shell out tens of thousands of dollars for lovely rings, bracelets, or watches. Simply widen your horizons and think outside the box and you’ll find great bling for low prices. Not sure where to start? Here are few ideas:

1. Wholesale Websites – A quick Google search for “wholesale jewelry and watches” will lead you to a bunch of great websites that offer precious items at cheap rates. Banggood.com for instance, a wholesale based in China, has a wide selection of watches and jewelry with prices starting at less than a dollar! Additionally, the more items you buy, the lower the cost. For instance, one of their products, a copper crown pocket watch has a unit price of $2.99. However, buy 3, 5, or 10 units and the price will go down to $2.70, $2.61, and $2.54, respectively. Of course, a lot of wholesale websites are based overseas, so minimal shipping and custom charges may apply.

2. Jewelry District – Not comfortable with dealing with wholesale sellers online? Don’t worry, they exist in the “real” world as well. In Los Angeles, for example, there’s an area in Downtown called the Jewelry or “Diamond” District wherein several jewelry stores sell their items a wholesale prices. The great thing about this place is that customers can see and touch jewelry for themselves before making a purchase. Trying to determine which shops should you go to and which stores could possibly rip you off? It would be helpful to ask an experienced friend to accompany you. When inside a store, also ask the staff about the business (i.e. how long have they been in business, where they get their items etc.) Better yet, why not bring an independent appraiser with you? That way, you can really know if you’re purchasing the real thing. Does your city have a jewelry district of its own? Make it a point to head over there. You never know what you’re going to find.

4. Neighborhood Jewelry Shops – Every neighborhood has a “jewelry shop around the corner,” and you should really consider paying yours a visit. A lot of independent jewelry stores offer items at prices far below retail. Then there’s the loyalty factor. If you have already an independent jeweler of choice, then be sure to consistently go to them when it comes to your jewelry needs. Let them clean your jewelry on a regular basis. Refer friends. Window shop every once in a while. Once they get familiar with you, they’ll be more inclined to give you a discount.

Indeed, when it comes to affordable jewelry and watches, know that there are a lot of hidden gems out there. It may take some digging, but that effort will surely pay off once you find great pieces that actually agree with your budget.

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