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The decision to start an office may be one of the most complex and unfamiliar decisions that you will have to make.  Running your office at home can save you a lot of money but if working at home is not right for you, your business and your family, you will have to find office space outside your home. Commercial real estate can be unfamiliar territory, but the task is important. Determining the right amount of office space in the right location will help the business over the long term. Regardless if you will be working at home or in office space outside your home, you will need office furniture. Some office furniture will be expensive and some may be inexpensive. Some will be necessary and other furniture will be nice-to-have. In addition to furniture, your office will need a variety of office equipment. It is at this point in the project your budget can really get blown. Last, but not least, are office supplies. This will most likely be the smallest line in your office startup budget, but it cannot be overlooked. Office supplies are not expensive but they must be accounted for in order to avoid spending more money than you have. Don't spend too much time on this task, but at the same time make sure it is not forgotten.